Youth Financial Education Project

Make Your Donation to the Project, Click the picture below.

Faça a sua Doação para o Projeto, Clique na imagen Abaixo.

Faça a sua Doação para o Projeto, Clique na imagen.


The Youth Financial Education Project is a non-profit association whose objective is to offer scholarships to low-income youth for financial education and school education, helping young people learn how to manage their studies and finances, to grow already with a mentality of protection always a value that will help you in difficult times. We believe in education as the main tool of transformation in a society marked by inequality.

Side dish

Selected students have access to extracurricular activities, snack assistance, supplies, and uniforms. However, we believe that a grant should go beyond financial support. That's why we offer a complete follow-up to the students and their families.


This space has been given on my website to support this project which is changing the lives of hundreds of needy young people.


Here, your donation is worth twice as much.

We want our low-income students to have better study conditions and financial guidance. But we will not be able to achieve this alone. We need partners who, like you, share the desire to transform Brazil from education. In order to maximize the impact of the project, we will invest more and more in the education of these young people, so that they can have a decent future and do not go to marginality.



Each year, we share the following reports with donors:

  • Semi-annual report of results of the program;
  • Annual financial report;
  • Certificate of Students Helped by our Project;

Did not find the amount you would like to donate? Contact:


Acquire books from various disciplines, consumer materials, computers, audiovisual projector, chairs, tables and videos, daily use materials for educators, apart for expenses of the place where this work will be given. Creation of a Site for online monitoring.

Selection Criteria

We will select students with a real need so that they can have the same conditions as other teenagers.

Process Steps

We have an extensive and comprehensive selection process, whose goal is to identify candidates who are aligned with our values, as well as committed and committed families, who believe that this opportunity can transform their lives.

Our team is changing the lives of hundreds of young people

Our team will work towards the development of the students we have people in training who are still studying who will be our helpers because besides being still in university, has the aptitude to develop this work in a more dynamic way.

This is our collaborator Amanda Deijane Almeida, who is attending the 4 years of business administration, will be responsible to teach our students family economics, financial education, mathematics and financial mathematics, administration techniques.

Meeting to discuss the agenda of the second semester, which we will do to meet our goals and challenges that we will meet in the next semester, so that we can act before the needs happen, we are happy to help these young people, who without our help would be very difficult for them to achieve stay at school away from the streets.

Students with reinforcement classes before the end of the first semester for one week. We resolved with the teachers to do these extra classes so that the students could reach the average and not be hampered by the low grades at the end of the first semester.


Make Your Donation to the Project, Click the picture below.

Faça a sua Doação para o Projeto, Clique imagen Abaixo.

Faça a sua Doação para o Projeto, Clique na imagen.




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